Interesting Neighbours

At Coda studios you’re next door to fashion designers, film producers and gin makers.

Being part of this vibrant community with creative communal spaces, an on-site artisan café, fortnightly street food festival and a gym creates a great atmosphere to work in with the potential for business to flourish.

Coda Amenities

Coda Fit Gym

Coda Life Lounge

Cafe Plum

Coda Host Meeting Room

Brompton Bike Hire

Car Wash

Dry Cleaning

Dog Walking

Bike Service


"We enjoy working in our office at Coda and our clients are often complimentary too. The diverse mix of companies make Coda an interesting place..."



"Coda Studios offers fantastic creative studio space in a relaxed environment. Offering your own business studios with the benefit of onsite amenities."


Dear Frances

"We chose coda studios as the base for our business as it offered a great selection of amenities that are important to us. It is very well managed..."


Soya Concept

"Coda studios suits our business perfectly. We have been based here for 20 years and our studio provides the perfect setting for our business..."


Mandeville London